Psyllium Husks & Fibre Benefits!

Fibre fix balls Sylliflor
Psyllium is a natural fibre sourced ethically in India and has been used for decades to help support and aid gut immunity and regulation.
  • Psyllium can absorb water, swelling up to forty times its size and create a thick mucilage that resists digestion in the small intestines. This bulk forming action can help to reduce constipation and increase regularity.
  • As psyllium is hygroscopic (absorbs water) it can also support the firming up of watery stool or diarrhoea and slows its passage through the body.
  • Psyllium can help reduce pain from haemorrhoids, fistulas and post operative pain as it softens and lubricates stools as they move through the GI system.
  • Psyllium is a brilliant prebiotic, that is as it passes through the digestive system psyllium ferments and provides nourishment for the billions of bacteria living in your gut as well as boosting any probiotic supplements.
  • Psyllium may act as a natural dietary aid as when it first swells in the tummy creating a feeling of fullness naturally.
  • Psyllium has been associated with cholesterol lowering characteristics as it binds to fat and bile acids leaving less raw materials for the liver to convert into cholesterol.
    Gut Times
    Psyllium husk is the main ingredient in SylliFlor   - a fibre supplement exclusively distributed in Ireland by RoCa Healthcare and available online and in all good pharmacies. Sylliflor is different to other psyllium products on the market in that it is coated with a thin layer of coconut oil and an indigestible starch in order to slow expansion and give a crispy, tasty product. It tastes great in yogurt, porridge, smoothies and can even be used baking. To feel the full benefit of Sylliflor a full glass of water (200-400 dL) should be taken afterwards and any medication should be taken 1 hour before or two hours after SylliFlor. If you are unsure if psyllium will be suitable for you ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

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