Our Customers Give Us 5 Stars!



''Great product! Helps make the long run less of a worry (stomach upset) 😝 Thank you''

Laura Rooney, June 2022


''Delighted with RoCa. Got the samples packs and then I got a message on how to use them which was great. Bought the big tub after as I found it helped me feel fuller for longer. Highly recommend and customer service is fantastic.''

Leah Joly, June 2022


''Would highly recommend this amazing product for anyone suffering from bowel/gut issues. I’ve been using Sylliflor for months now and I notice a huge difference in my digestion system when I am taking it regularly. It’s so important to have sufficient fibre in today’s modern world.Roisin always goes above and beyond with her wealth of knowledge and expertise!''

Melissa Morley, June 2022


''I’ll give the fast background story- Mis diagnosed, given medication that caused more problems than it solved, lived with having to be near a toilet day and night, exhaustion as a result and food intake super limited…Symptoms included bloating, permanent sever diarrhea 17 plus times a day, food no longer being digested. Then I found Roisin and life has changed and continues to do so. Within days of beginning Sylliflor with Calcium urgent trips to the bathroom reduced in number and intensity, bloating is considerably less, pain in eating is disappearing. I’m beginning to discover after 8years what a normal bowel motion could be like! Energy levels are rising. I’ve a way to go, yet I know with the help of Roisin and her fabulous product I will meet a new energetic, healthier, normal toilet use, properly absorbed food, version of me! 
Sylliflor with Calcium has in under 3 weeks begun to heal over 8 years of illness…. Thank you Roisin xxxx''

Sue Anne O'Donnell,  June 2022 


 ''I met the guys at Wellfest and they couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful! I bought the SylliFlor tasting sachets off them and started to see some real differences! Thank you 😊 and will be recommending x''

Clóda Scanlon, June 2022


''Was send a few different flavoured samples to try as I wasn’t sure what flavour to order . There wasn’t one flavour that I didn’t enjoy. I could feel the benefits after just 2 days . I have now gone on to purchase the large tub . Would highly recommend this product.''

Susan Doyle, June 2022


''I first got the free tester pack RoCa healthcare were offering as I wanted to see how I got on and if I felt they made a difference. All I can say is oh my god.! What a difference they make. I never had regular bowel motions and now I do. I also feel less bloated and just feel better with my digestive system. I would highly recommend this product to everyone. I was actually discussing this product at work yesterday and I know a few people who actually purchased it straight away to give it a try. I have also repurchase a tub and will continue to use in the future. I love adding it to my smoothie in the mornings x''

Sinead Kelly, May 2022


''I'm loving the products, I was suffering with a lot of painful bloating in my stomach and that has totally gone. I have a sachet every morning mixed into my porridge. They add a lovely taste and texture too. Highly recommend 👌''

Linda-lee Ansell May, 2022


''Absolutely incredible fibre supplement. A must try for anyone struggling with IBS symptoms. Hard to find anything as good to be honest. I ran out and I'm genuinely sorry now that I didn't keep it up!!!! So will be getting back into it again ASAP!!!!''

Sandy Duane, May 2022


''Really good product, does exactly what it says and keeps you full for so long. Roisin has been really helpful and is there if there is any questions.''

Catherine Forde, May 2022


''Brilliant customer service , brilliant product''

Emma Tomkins, April 2022


''My son got us Colostrum and Sylliflor from RoCa to help boost our immune systems during the pandemic. We've been using it for six weeks now and both feel great. We will be ordering more. FYI best used in morning smoothies!!''

Trish Kelly December 2021


William has been living with chronic colitis for many years, to learn how Colodan has improved his gut health and quality of life is why we do what we do :) Read the full review below. "I have taken ColoDan for approximately 5 months . I am a 57 year old male with chronic colitis for 35 years , I have had no surgery but a few major flare ups over the years and tried numerous medications and supplements. I am taking dipentum at the moment as my long term medication. I take ColoDan with local natural yogurt (Offaly) every morning and since I have started  this routine( very important),without doubt I have seen and felt a huge improvement in my gut .. this has improved my quality of life  massively . No cramps, higher energy levels, regular movements , skin improvement, more confidence.. I take alcohol so I slip a  little but some ColoDan before I go out Helps too !! , I have never recommended anything in my life but this stuff has really improved my quality of life "

William, May  2021


 ''Oh I am just so made up with sylliflor - I had stopped it for a while (silly me) & my bowels were awful again. I’m just back on it now since I got a tub in work on Saturday & I actually don’t know myself!! Clock work already!!! It’s fabulous stuff. I used to use psyllium husk but they were not as pleasant or easy to use so a lot of the time I just didn’t bother.''

Avril, August 2019


''I'm on my second tub of vanilla, I'm delighted with it. I have spinal issues and facing surgery new year and the past few yrs I've had problems with constipation , been nearly every day  since started. . I also love the taste. I used defrosted raspberries and blueberries with 15g bran and 15g porridge oats Raw and add 0%greek yogurt and top it off with scoop of sylliflor. Slower this week but I think it's as it's colder my water is down but I'm usually great to drink 2 Ltr 's. I will continue to use Forever . Must get a few coaco ones with next order as I like chopped fresh fruit and yogurt at night. Continued growth and success. x''



''I am loving the SylliFlor. It is so filling which is great because I usually am starved by 11 am even though I eat breakfast so helps me get through until lunch time. Have definitely also felt an improvement in the bowel department . Keeping regular is a constant struggle for me but so important especially with having a shunt. I have only been using the product about a week and have definitely felt an improvement so I am super excited to see it's benefits over a longer period. The sachets are so handy you can pop them in your bag or your pocket and not even notice them. So far - I am a very happy customer''



''SylliFlor: I have continued to take it daily (mixed in with some Alpro yoghurt a few hours after my morning meds, so usually at around 12pm - 1pm, and can safely say that it has helped immensely. Being on multiple pain medications, including morphine, which is notorious for causing severe constipation (sorry for the TMI!) and as someone who never had any issues in that department before meds, I feel, and hope, that my feedback might help give you the point of view of someone effected by meds. I will absolutely definitely be ordering more in the future. I've been loving the apple and cinnamon flavour and looking forward to trying the others''



"As a long term sufferer of irritable bowel syndrome & chronic constipation I felt like I had tried everything to help alleviate my symptoms. Then when I became pregnant my symptoms worsened & I developed haemorrhoids & severe constipation. I was so relieved to discover sylliflor & noticed remarkable improvements within only a couple of days! My bowels became regular for the first time in years, without the assistance of medication. I continued to use sylliflor throughout my pregnancy & breastfeeding journey as it is completely safe & it is so simple to incorporate into my daily diet. I usually mix it into porridge, a smoothie or yoghurt & it tastes great! As a pharmacist, I look forward to recommending this fantastic product to my patients in the future!"



''I only have positive things to say. I love the taste of the one I ordered, vanilla. I noticed results STRAIGHT away. I felt fuller, had a more competent digestive system and ultimately I haven’t felt bloated since I started using it!! I really struggled with bloating so the fact that I feel like I have a flat tummy all day is amazing !!! Thanks so much!! It’ll definitely be a staple for me now!!''



''I have been using the Sylliflor with calcium, and in the last few days I am really noticing a difference. I seem to have so much energy, and I think it is coming from actually absorbing food that I don't think was happening before due to terrible diarrhoea (TMI - sorry)!